Kasiakatz Kreations 

A Retired Himalayan and Persian Cattery in Upstate New York

Offering Show Cat Bibs, Machine Embroidered T-Shirts and Miscellaneous Embroidered Items For Sale.

New Laurel Burch Kitty Bibs Now Available!!!

Several New Bibs made and now available!!


Kasiakatz has retired from breeding but will keep the website up and running for everyone to enjoy. Please visit my friends websites when looking for kittens:  www.nymews.com  and www.celebritiescattery.com  both located in New York State and be sure to come to our local show Salt City Cat Club in September.

I plan to start working on making wonderful embroidered creations  for people to buy and enjoy. Have purchased the top of the line Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Delux Sewing and Embroidery machine which has the capability of doing kitty portraits of your favorite feline and other amazing things  so come back often for updates.

 Have made some Persian "Kitty Bibs" in delightful fabric patterns for sale. These bibs can be used to keep kitty's ruff dry and clean while eating or drinking or just for decoration! Kitty Bibs Also have created a page for my embroidered T-Shirts  T-Shirts

Here are examples of my Kitty Bibs and T-Shirts.  Check back soon for new additions to the existing selections.



Click on Kitty Bib to take you to my Kitty Bib Page.  Click on Kitty in Kitty Bib to take you to "Kitties In Bibs" page showcasing customer's pics of their kitties in their new Kitty Bibs.


Click on T-Shirt Picture to take you to my T-Shirt  Page.





 GC GP Thundapurr High Beams of Kasiakatz aka "Beamer"


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