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 KASIAKATZ Red Delicious aka Desi


 Desi being judged by Sharon Roy

Desi went to his first show April 16, 2011 in Binghamton, NY at the Southern Tier Cat Fanciers show. He was entered in the kitten class as he wasn't quite old enough for the adult class. He received 5th Best Kitten from Judge Sharon Roy and 8th Best Kitten from Judge Walter Hutzler.






Beamer x Gypsy

Claire at her first show in Cortland, NY at the Copper City Cat Club Show were she received her six winner's ribbons to become a Premier and she made three finals also.  9th Best All Breed given by Judge Doug Myers, 7th Best All Breed given by Judge Lois Jenson and 8th Best All Breed Given by Judge Walter Hutzler.

Claire at her second show in Binghamton, NY at the Southern Tier Fanciers Club Show were she received 2nd Best All Breed and 2nd Best LH Premier from Judge Gene Darrah. Judge Chuck Gradowski gave her 2nd Best LH Premier in his ring and Judge Sharon Powel gave Claire, Best LH Premier and Best All Breed. These awards have given her 25 points towards her Grand Premiership.

Claire received 2nd Best Long Hair Premier from Karen Lawrence at the Monroe Shorthair Club show in Rochester, NY on 8/16/09 which gave her another 6 points toward her Grand Premiership.


Claire at the Salt City Cat Club show in Cortland, NY, 9/26 & 27, 2009 were she received Best Longhair and Best Allbreed from Judge Gene Darrah.

Claire with Judge Walter Huztler who gave her Best Longhair, Best All Breed & 7th Best Cat. Also shown to the left of Walter Huztler is Claire's breeder Cathy Best holding Thundapurr High Beams of Kasiakatz, Claire's father.

Claire received 28 more points at the Salt City Cat Club show and now has a total of 59 points with 16 more to go to receive her Grand Premiership.




Kasiakatz first Grand Premier "GP Kasiakatz Princess Sapphire Beshia" A CPC Blue Persian, Owned by Ashlee and Burris Esplen. The product of Lovey x Mimi!

Here is Sapphire at the Liberty Trail Cat Fanciers Show in Lebanon, Pa. held 10/27/07 with Judge Sharon Roy.

Congratulations! Sapphire, Ashlee, Burris and Arrianna!


Sapphire went to the two day, six ring, Butler Cat Fanciers show in Butler, Pa on 11/3-4 and made all six finals!!

Sapphire earned 39 grand points at this show for a total of 102 points which is in excess of the 75 points needed to grand and is now a Grand Premier!

Here is the summary for the 6 ring 2 day show
She made 6 finals
Placement in Premiership All Breed
3rd best
5th best
6th best
8th Best

Long Hair Speciality Premiership
3rd Best
5th Best

Comments from judges at the finals:
good body
width of hips, chest
good underlying coat
great color tip to end
small ears
pale blue color
beautiful presentation
professionally groomed
firm body
short nose
good placement of ears
broad head

On March 17-18, 2007 the Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers Club held their show at the Pittsburgh Expomart in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Kasiakatz Sapphire Beshia, owned by Ashlee and Burris Esplen and girls was entered in the Persian Solid Division of the Premiership Longhair Alters Division in the Open Class to obtain her Championship. This was an eight ring show with 6 All Breed Judges and 2 Specialty Judges. Sapphire of course took all eight winner's ribbons and eight 2nd Best of Color ribbons of which she only needed six winner's ribbons to get her championship. Sapphire's owners are now going to start preparing her for future shows to obtain her Grand Premiership.

Sapphire being judged by Jeri Zottoli, All Breed Judge.


Sapphire with Judge Loretta Baugh, All Breed Judge

Sapphire being judged by Tracy Petty


Sapphire with owner Ashlee and daughter, Arianna.


Sapphire with Ashlee and daughter, Arianna.

What a great head shot of Sapphire, just beautiful!!!!


Sapphire resting in her beatifully drapped cage at the show.


This is Kasiakatz Crimson Lites of Katzjax aka Sonnie, a Beamer x Prissy cpc red classic tabby female that I sent to my friend Kathy in Iowa.

Kathy entered Sonnie in the show at Hawkeye State Cat Club, Altoona, Iowa (outside DesMoines)   It was 5 AB and 1 SP for Kittens.   Sonnie took 9th Best AB Wayne Trevathan,  10th Best AB Darrell Newkirk, 4th Beast AB  Carla Bizzell, and 8th Best LH Kathy Black......She was up against a very nice silver tabby and took BOB all six rings!



Angelfyre received the Atlantic Himalayan Clubs' 2007-08 show season international award for 9th Best CPC Kitten! Way to go Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is Kasiakatz Angelfyre of Thundapurr owned by Mary Karracker a cpc red mackeral tabby female, Beamer x Gypsy. Mary entered Angelfyre in the Titletown Cat Show in Green Bay, WI held April 12-13, 2008

Larry Swanson Allbreed Judge, gave Angelfyre 7th Best Allbreed Kitten


Judge Paul Patton gave Angelfyre 8th Best LH Kitten

In Judge Marjorie Colliers's LH Specialty ring, Angelfyre received 3rd Best Kitten.




The Copper City Cat Club of Rome, New York put on their 8th annual show at the Mohawk Valley Convention Center in New Hartford, New York on April 9, 2005.  Thundapurr High Beams of Kasiakatz, aka Beamer was entered in the persian solid color division as an open to obtain his Championship. It was a six ring show with six all breed judges. Beamer received six winners ribbons,(red/white/blue), six first place ribbons,( blue) and six second best of color ribbons (white).  Beamer is now a champion and hopefully we will try to start gathering up some grand points this fall. Here are shots of Beamer with all five of the six judges.

Beamer with Judge Bob Bryan

Beamer with Judge Bob Bryan

Beamer with Judge Kim Everett

Beamer with Judge Kim Everett

Beamer with Judge Karen Lawrence

Beamer with Judge Rhett Bockman

Beamer with Judge Roger Lawrence

Beamer with Judge Roger Lawrence

Beamer in his cage at the show

Beamer is now a Grand Champion and these are the rosettes that he accumulated in three shows!

Beamer and Me at the Rochester show were he accumulated his first 153 grand points

Beamer at the Holiday Inn in Schenectady, NY at his second show were he received his final grand points to become a GRAND CHAMPION!

Lois Jensen All Breed Judge and Beamer and of course Me!