New York Persian & Himalayan Kittens  For Sale

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Kitten Care Instructions

  • This kitten has been bathed at least once before going to its new home and a blow dryer was used for drying and he/she is also  use to the sounds of the vacuum cleaner.
  • This kitten should be taken to your vet within three days of purchase. Under no circumstances should this kitten be introduced to other pets/children before the scheduled health check with your veterinarian. When you are satisfied this kitten is in good health, proceed with a slow introduction to the rest of your household.
  • The first day home this kitten should be confined to one room and with supervision shown into other rooms that you are going to allow them into after they are comfortable with the first room. They should be provided with water at all times.
  • This kitten should be kept on the food that the seller has been feeding and if a change is made, it should be gradual, mixing a little into the regular food each day until it is replaced with the new food. No table scraps and no milk!
  • The kitten should be brushed on a daily basis to get them use to being groomed to keep their coats free of mats. Their eyes should be wiped out regularly to provide proper care and keep the coat underneath their eyes free of stains as extreme Persians and Himalayans tend to tear regularly. Nails should be clipped biweekly and scratching posts should be provided.
  • Never punish a kitten! All you will do is create a fearful, stressed animal. A spray bottle of water is a good deterrent as well as shaking a can with pennies in it.
  • Never rough house with your new kitten. This is not a puppy! Play gently with this kitten otherwise you will be teaching them to scratch and bite.
  • If your kitten is not very active, or not eating, sleeping more than you would expect, then these are good indicators that a problem is present. ISOLATE IMMEDIATELY and contact your vet.
  • This kitten is sold as an indoor only pet, and may not be allowed outdoors unless placed in a confined area for short periods of time, and kept under supervision or allowed out on a harness when accompanied by human supervision.
  • Please contact the breeder if you have any questions once the kitten is in your possession. I will happily provide you with the answers or be able to access the right source of information to give you the support that you need.
  • Some good sources of information can be found on the internet and on our info page and also at . Yahoo has a group called fanciershealth for pedigreed cat owners.

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